Head shots are nowadays an important piece of the business people’s media kit, presentation, and social presence. A professional head shot for many entrepreneurs can be the distinction between landing in a good business deal or not. The best professional photographer will be well equipped with the ways to get someone relaxed in front of the camera, come up with the best poses and offer suggestions for enhancing the person’s best features and traits. Here are some of the tips for getting the best of head shots in no time.

  1. Equipment

A lens with a high aperture with a small f number must be considered when it comes to capturing compelling corporate images. Always keep in mind that even the smartphones are capable of capturing such images because they have such apertures. Or you can even make the use of an in camera filter as an alternative. Prevent yourself from using the wide angle lens when it comes to capturing head shots. Unless and until you are trying your best to get a dramatic, artistic style capture, the subject will seem unrealistic with the amplified imperfections like in a caricature.

  1. Background

The background type is essential so try having some of the design details, instead than using the empty sky. Empty sky actually looks dull and reminds people of passport photos. Try using an isolated element that is actually visible. The gist is to have background that will enhance and make your head shot pop. A plain background is always the best idea, but if your subject is put in a crowd or a busy area, make the background blur with all your strength with the help of a telephoto lens and wide open. The background tends to add more to the context of the image so steer away from having the composition from being too tight.

  1. Facial expressions

Confidence is an important factor when it comes to facial expressions. You can tell the subject to smile without the visible teeth, or maybe not, but don’t make them look too serious. Ensure that your subject is looking at the camera and try your best to tilt the camera a tad bit above to avoid the double chin to appear. You might also want to add some facial expressions on the subject’s face. So make them practice in a mirror. You should always be cautious of the direction of the eyes as it is an important factor to consider.

  1. Composition

To steer away from a passport style photo, prevent the symmetry in the person’s view entirely. Ask the subject to have their shoulders aligned but instead stand or sit with one in front and another to the back.  Also try to fit the portrait into such composition with a symmetric frame behind. You can use a window or a door behind your subject. If taking the picture at a low angle, it will make the subject look taller and powerful. If taken from above, you get opposite outcomes.