When it comes to photographing a baby, you will realize the importance of having a sleepy one for the session. There are many tricks to keep the baby asleep. Many babies tend to work on their own schedule, and sometimes, no matter how many tricks you apply, they just cannot fall asleep. Luckily, there are many tips to make the most of the situations and its success hugely depends on how long and how deeply the baby is asleep. So, we have listed some tips by Annie Kinser Photography on how to deal with a fussy baby. Learn more here about the same.

  • Another set of photo capture you’d love to try for the wide awake babies are the close up shots of the baby’s hands, feet and other tiny little body parts. These are perfect and work well all by themselves, however, they have an immense impact when they are grouped together in a collage. As a matter of fact, these are the easiest photos to capture, as the baby would be moving all around while you are capturing the photos. Try to capture these photos when you have positioned the baby in a very dark or a very light blanket in order to contrast it against the skin of the baby. These photos can even be captured while the baby is held in the arms of the father or mother. If you are wanting to prevent the tedious task of rectifying the skin tones on these photos, choose to go from white to black.

  • If the baby is still calm and still wide awake, just don’t wait for them to fall asleep. Albeit, newborns don’t usually like being laid on their stomach when they are awake, and placing them on their side or back surely makes them happy. Trying to change the lighting angles for these photos. You can also opt for wrapping the baby up for these cute captures, as many newborns tend to find comfort in being tightly wrapped or swaddled.
  • Surely, a wide awake and an unhappy newborn can be very frustrating, the most important task you can do in this case as a photographer is by staying calm and reassure the parents that the photos are being captured quite well. They may feel the same frustration, and a part of the gist is to capture these photos to help them remember how little their baby looked as well as what a great experience they went through during the photoshoot session. Babies also tend to sense the frustration in the room, so try your level best in keeping everyone as relaxed as possible no matter how well the photoshoot session seems to be progressing.

Albeit having an uncooperative newborn can frustrate you to the cord and you might want to never conduct a newborn photography session ever again, but if you follow the tips mentioned above, you might still be able to get something out of your photoshoot session every time. Have more tips to share? We’d love to know.

Author Bio :- Annie Kinser is a newborn photographer in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. She also specializes in family, and milestone photos.