Denim can goes out of style. Back in the 90s, it used to be one of the top outfits among the celebs. Now the trend is back. You can probably spot celebrities carrying themselves in denim on the streets of New York. Actors, actresses and models, all wear them.

Whether it is a jacket or a pair of jeans, if you love it and you want to make it last, you must take care of it. Having denim in your wardrobe means you need to be sure it does not wear out or loses the color. It doesn’t matter if it’s selvedge denim or any other material, maintenance is the key.

Denim comes in shades that can sometimes fade out too quickly. When you do not keep it in proper shape and don’t care for it enough, it starts to wear out. Making jeans is a process that involves almost 47 people to work to produce high-quality jeans. Preshrinking denim and stretching it helps maintain its actual shape. They way you handle the material and how much you wear it will make it last longer.

We always want our jeans to be the perfect all the time. For that, you will need to learn about some jeans secrets. Here are some tips to have your jeans last longer:

  1. Take time to break in your denim

A new pair of jeans is obviously of fresher color and fits perfectly. But after some time, it starts to loosen up. Whether you like it or not, your jeans are going to become like this. It takes almost six months to become the shape of your legs.

  1. Wash them carefully

Once you try on the jeans and they fit you perfectly then consider buying it immediately. The jeans that fit perfectly are the ones you need to refrain from washing frequently. When you have to wash them then use cold water by turning them inside out. A mild detergent would be the right choice here.

  1. Always air dry

Never ever put your jeans to dry out in the sun. The sunlight causes the color to fade which will make your jeans old early. Avoid using the dryer as it will cause shrinkage which will make the jeans lose their shape.

  1. Store them the right way

Coming home tired you might be in the mood to just take off the jeans and toss them in the air without thinking where they fell and just lie down on the bed. Even if you don’t feel like it, you must look after them and put them away carefully. Otherwise, you will have to say them goodbye soon.

Always look for the signs of damage. The moment you see a little fray, do something about it otherwise, it will quickly turn into a bad rip. Similarly, whenever you get them stained, wash that part immediately. Make sure you are careful about these things and you will see your denim lasting longer than expected.