If you already know how to pick a fashion photographer and you have successfully found one too, the next step is to choose the best fashion model (in case you haven’t found one yet). Your model will play the role of your brand ambassador. The way they wear your brand and showcase it is going to affect the minds of your audience. Your fashion model shouldn’t just be good looking, there are lots of other qualities on the basis of which you must pick one.

Before you hire one, here are some questions that you must ask your fashion model:

Do they have a portfolio?

A professional model always has a portfolio. The number of images does not really matter, you just have to examine the variation of their collection. Their expressions and poses will tell you a lot about their personality and whether or not they can pull off the kind of look you want. Seeing them in different clothes and variations will tell you how talented they are.

What kind of modeling experience do they have?

Whether you are interviewing a freelance model or one from an established modeling agency, you must take a look at their modeling experience. Ask them to show you pictures of their previous work. It is important to make sure you choose a reliable model. Carefully evaluate their profile and their past projects. You can also ask them for testimonials from makeup artists and photographers. A confident person shouldn’t be hesitating in providing you with this information.

Are there any recent projects they are busy with?

You will come across lots of models with no recent projects and their portfolio will tell you that already. Professionals still have an active Facebook or Instagram page even if they not busy with a recent project. So, when you ask a model about their recent project and they don’t have one for now, don’t simply reject them. Checking their website or social media page will tell you a lot about their potential.

What kind of compensation are they looking for?

In modeling, there are two types of compensations. One is monetary payment and the other is Time For Print (TFP). The latter one is for models who don’t have much experience or those who just want to expand their portfolio.

That doesn’t mean you should simply turn down those models who ask for TFP. Sometimes, the best ones are inexperienced and they are just looking for an opportunity of exposure. If you happen to come across such a fashion model, don’t hesitate in hiring them. Not everyone who asks for a payment is professional, you know.

Let’s suppose you have landed on the right candidate. Before hiring them, introduce them to your project. Talkabout our ideas for the shoot. Also, ask if they can contribute to the photo shoot in any way.  Since it is a collaboration, both of you must agree to all the terms and conditions before proceeding. This conversation will tell you if you have selected the right person. Once you start feeling confident about the candidate, hire them.