Exercise these 6 preventive measures

Photographers as such have various factors to be attended such as right lighting, backdrops, equipment’s andso on, to give their best shot. Their task doubles up when they are travel photographers. As they need to take extra precaution to keep their digital asset safe from any damage. Follow these 6 precautions for protecting your camera while you are travelling.

  1. Guard against Weather

While travelling you can’t be very sure of weather conditions. There can be extreme heat, dust, rain, fogor cold weather. If your camera is not water or weather proof then make sure that before travelling you at least put your camera in a water proof case. In case of too cold weather keep the batteries insider inner pocket of jacket.

  1. Protection for the gear

Going for a camera armor is a great preventive measure to avoid any damages. The armor is basically a silicone skin which gets wrapped around the camera. All the camera buttons are still accessible after putting up this cover and there is protection from scratches too. The camera gets a little shock absorption too.

  1. Lens Hood

This not only helps in reducing flare but provides protection for your camera lens too in case of any fall. Photographers who don’t prefer this as it makes their camera large in appearance, can go for the other alternative and that is the UV filter (a glass filter). Only if our lens supports filters, then go ahead with this option.

  1. Go for a Hard Case

This being one more alternative to protect your camera from weather damages. Also referred to as Pelican cases, these are made up of hardened plastic. They are water and dust proof and thus will keep your equipment clean, dry and protected. They also have provision of loops for cable and standard locks.

  1. Backup Images

This is a thumb rule for all digital devices. You just can rely on the memory card of your camera. In case it gets malfunctioned or corrupted, all your effort will go in vain. Always take a backup of your images either in backup drive or some other external memory card. Perform a daily backup. 

  1. Insure your Camera

This the photographer needs to decide how expensive is the camera to be taken under insurance as you’ll need to pay extra from your pocket.  Once decided, cover your camera under insurance before you start travelling. Find out what is being covered. There may be different types of restrictions according to theft, damage, amount to be claimed.

Moreover, make sure that before you travel, yourphotography gear are padded enough with foam. Go in for a well-padded bag which can accommodate your camera, lenses, additional memory cards, tripod etc… in a well-organized manner. Those travelling by air, carry your ‘camera’ in your checked luggage rather than stuffing with other items in your cabin luggage.

The above checklist is just to keep your camera safe from damages, but at the same time you need to be well prepared for theft too. Be alert, don’t show off with your expensive photography bags and lastly, while travelling (for personal affairs) leave your high-end costly camera at home and go in for a rather compact camera.

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By Nunzio Prenna