Are you familiar with taking photos on your iPhone or any Smartphone? It is a good start, but speaking about photography it is not the same as you catch through Smartphone. Especially if you want underwater shots, there is a definite need to buy a best underwater video camera. Having this camera you can address the uniqueness to video. Here are few tips to get started professionally:

Use a Tripod

It is not easy to hold the camera steady, particularly in the waters. It is time to get rid of shakiness and this is possible now with an underwater tripod. There are many manufactures making mounts of housing, and tripod legs to meet your price range and diving style.

Using a tripod you can reach the next level of macro footage. In fact, it is of great use as you shoot wide angle. You can extend the legs to one side and make use of it as a handle so that you get a wider and stable platform. You can also extend its legs and use it as monopod bracing your chest. Leave your setup of tripod and swim away from the subject, you will notice fish is much friendlier and so use your cameras in a friendlier way.

Follow action

Shooting a moving subject and keeping it in your camera frame and offering enough headroom is like you want to show the subject is free and has lots of room to freely move. in such cases there is not criteria to follow, but wait to get some motion into action, keep your camera still and allow the subject to come out of the frame so that you get to shoot the subject gracefully. Give more footage, but bear in mind if you take more footage, you will have to do more editing.