Branding your photography is important. If you are good with the camera, you can actually make a living out of it. In the digital world, promoting photography work is easy with a website, and it doesn’t require a big investment. In case you have already figured out how to make a website, we have 9 tips that can help in the process.

  • Don’t rely on excessive scrolling. Many web designers like the idea of endless scrolling, that doesn’t always work for photography sites in particular. Instead, focus on having specific categories.
  • Go for a minimal template. Every photo tells a story, and you would want the website to be a visual representation of your work. Do not select a template that’s heavy on effects, animation and drama.
  • Include a logo. If you don’t have a logo, create one or hire a designer, which won’t cost a fortune. It is much easier to promote a photography site when the logo and branding elements are consistent.
  • Add a blog. Just browsing photos would be boring. To add more context to your photography work, make sure that you have a blog. This can also help with SEO, because you can use the right keywords.
  • Use WordPress. WordPress remains the best platform for photography sites, primarily because you can use a lot of ready plug-ins and have an interface that makes it easy to manage the website.
  • Don’t compromise on hosting. A photography website should load quick, no matter how content heavy. For this, you need a hosting plan. You can start with shared hosting initially and expand accordingly to dedicated plans.

  • Make the use of right colors. The purpose of a photography site is important for deciding the template and colors. However, as a rule of thumb, don’t go overboard with too many colors. White background always works well for this niche.
  • Add a contact page. Eventually, you want people to appreciate your photography and contact you for work, collaborations, and sponsorship. For that to happen, you need a contact us page. Add a form or leave your email with a small bio.
  • Use social media. Your website must have social media buttons, and it is easy to get that done using plug-ins that WordPress offers. This one step can ensure that your photography finds place in trends, provided people enjoy the work.

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